The short game—approach shots and putting—has a major impact on your overall score. For pro golfers, it can make the difference between victory and defeat. Meanwhile, for amateur golfers looking to improve their game, it can make a big difference when it comes to shaving off points.
Cleveland Golf is a brand that specializes in wedges, the clubs that determine the success or failure of these delicate short game shots.
Long used by top pro golfers in overseas tournaments, Cleveland Golf has recently made a name for itself in Japan with clubs reputed to “lock in victory.”

Cleveland Golf has its R&D base in the city of Huntington Beach on the California Coast. The company was founded by Roger Cleveland, who first developed the teardrop-shaped wedges that are now the most commonly used type of wedge.

Since becoming a member of the DUNLOP Group in 2007, Cleveland Golf has taken advantage of its combination of classic design beauty and DUNLOP’s cutting-edge technology to become the dependable choice of top pro golfers around the world.